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Our Teaching Philosophy

Small Class Sizes

We'd like a maximum of two people in a class. You'll get more instruction time with fewer people. If you have a larger group (such as an entire family) we can accommodate, but we will not force a large class on you.

The same instructor for the entire class

Its hard to get a consistent education when you have a different instructor every time you come to class. They don't know what you have excelled at, or where you need more work. Every lesson begins with a rehash  of earlier lessons. You will have the same captain throughout the course. 

Classroom Time

We begin lessons with some classroom time. Its important to gain some idea of the theory before we hit the water. We will start  with  explaining some topics, them we will proctice it on the water.

Classes Geared to Your Skills.

Already mastered a skill? We aren't going to waste a bunch of time rehashing it once you've demonstrated it. We can move on to other things. And on the contrary, if you need more instruction, we can focus on the skills that you are lacking. 


Our equipment is well maintained, and meets all safety requirements for a US Coast Guard uninspected passenger  vessel. We follow all USCG regulations, and all our instructors are USCG licensed as well as ASA certified.


We have a wind policy. We aren't going to force you to take a class if there is no wind. There is no point to that. We won't hold class with the wind outside the range of 3 to 20 knots. We can work around your schedule, but we want it to be a sailing class, not a "how to use the engine" class.

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