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I signed up for a class and it was cancelled?

Sometimes we have to reschedule for weather or other issues beyond our control. We will try to give you as much notice as possible. Also, we must have at least two students minimum signed up for a class, or we will have to cancel that Class. If that occurs, we can transfer your purchase to a new class.

What if there is bad weather?

We are beholden to the weather. So if there is no wind or too much wind, we cant hold classes. Normally rain  wont  affect us, but  thunderstorms will. We build make up  weekends into the schedule, but if  those have bad weather as well,  we can add in weekday afternoon classes.

What should we bring?

Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, sunscreen. Dress for a windy day in the park.

Footwear: avoid  black soled shoes that leave scuff marks.

Water and snacks if you need them.

Where do we get the textbook?

The textbook is optional, but recommended. We recommend  amazon or an ebook as you will get the textbook quicker,

ASA books on amazon

Ebook on goole play

ASA Store 

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